Citizens of East Anglia! Do you want to help UEA be better connected to your region?

In the depths of the first wave of the pandemic, UEA made a formal commitment to become a Civic University. It was a bleak time, but we were really proud of the way we pulled together with regional partners to contribute to the shared challenges the pandemic presented. Since then we have been looking at the many wonderful things we do already in a civic spirit and thinking about ways we can get you – the people who care enough about the university to be visiting this site – more involved in shaping our civic future.

The image shows a purple-walled room with a group of people sitting in a circle on chairs. In the middle of the circle stands Laura Bowater, co-project leader, as she introduces the group to our first Civic University Project event held on the 27th November, 2021.

What’s the plan?

We are reaching out to all Norfolk and Suffolk organisations and residents, whoever you are, to ask for help in restating our civic commitments to this region. To this end we are hosting a series of events across the region to enable everyone to have their say. The events will use a meeting format called open space (more on that below!) and will be fun, participatory and designed to get right to the heart of the matter. No matter who anyone is their voice is welcome and their ideas will be equally invited.

At the end of this process we’ll distil all the conversations, passion and energy into a short piece of text – a charter of sorts – that any and all will be invited to sign. It will be a statement of values, principle and promise. But it will only mean anything if we’ve produced this document democratically and authentically: that needs active participation across the region.

And you’re invited!

Yes, we really mean you. We would love you to come along. We are tremendously lucky to be based in a place that offers us so much support and so want to find out from you how we can work together even better. You’ve read this far, so you’re part of that. Come join us. 

Youtube video, led by Ben Little and Laura Bowater, explaining the Civic University Project.

Keep up to date

UEA Supported Volunteering

The Civic University Project team is working to increase UEA’s civic nature, both inside and outside our walls. One of our internal projects is carrying out staff consultations regarding the potential of creating a volunteering policy for all UEA staff. We are exploring the theme of Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) and how having a volunteering…

Great Yarmouth Open Space – Review

We had 71 participants at the Great Yarmouth Civic University Project event which took place on the 30th April, 2022. This event was full of engaged, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable Great Yarmouth residents who talked to attending UEA staff and students. There emerged a few key clear themes from the day, and it is obvious that…

Royal Norfolk Show Polis Poll

Hello! This poll is now unfortunately closed. If you would like to find out more about our project, please find the Civic University Project homepage here. We are working on exciting things. If you would like to attend one of our project events, share your ideas with us, and meet other like-minded members of the…

This image shows a smaller breakout circle of participants. They are using their hands expressively to and deep in discussion about their chosen question topic. The background behind them is a purple wall, filled with post-it notes. These notes have the agenda, set earlier by participants in the introductory circle, written on them.

“East Anglia has seldom been so united or so enthusiastic as it is over this project” – Founding Patrons on the creation of UEA. 

Welcome to our Open Space

All our events are held using the Open Space meeting method. This is a form of meeting where the agenda is set collaboratively and the outcomes are all recorded organically and instantly. The animation below shows you how it all works.

So, want to talk?

Here’s our current list of events:

12th October, University of Suffolk campus – Ipswich (Register here)

Kings Lynn (date TBD)

Meet the Team