Why Get Involved?

So, you know about the project. But why get involved? Well…

Image of UEA staff member engaging children in the sciences at Norwich Science Festival 2019. There is the skull of an animal sitting on the table, with children and parents alike looking excited by its presence. Further in the background, other children are participating in activities with crayons. The scene is lively.
Image of UEA staff member engaging children in the sciences at Norwich Science Festival.

Origin Story

The Civic University Network was set up by Sheffield Hallam University in order to encourage stronger links between universities and their local areas. As anchor institutions and non-profit organisations, it was proposed that universities didn’t just have a duty to teach but to be a key resource and positive force in their local areas.

So far, nearly 60 UK universities have signed up to be part of the official Civic Network. UEA has signed up but has not yet sealed the deal by writing a Civic University Agreement – we first want to tour the region asking what you, our local community, want. We’ll use our gathered knowledge to tailor our agreement specifically to our local area.

This image shows a lake and the main building in Eaton Park, Norwich. The day is slightly overcast which makes the green of the grass and trees pop. The building is reflected in the lake's image.
Image of Eaton Park in Norwich on a cloudy afternoon.

Hopes for the Future

We want to help Norfolk and Suffolk thrive. This project aims to gather the ideas needed to start making good things happen. But we can’t do it without you!

Come along to one of our events by registering below. We will be visiting Great Yarmouth, Ipswich, Kings Lynn, UEA campus and more. Share your ideas, meet like-minded people, and help us become a better institution for your area. Tell us how to do better.

Image of our event attendees writing discussion ideas down on a flip-chart board at our first event on 27th November, Norwich 2021.
Image of participants discussing civic ideas during UEA’s first Civic University event held at the Kings Centre, Norwich, on Saturday 27th November 2021.
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