Great Yarmouth Open Space – Review

We had 71 participants at the Great Yarmouth Civic University Project event which took place on the 30th April, 2022. This event was full of engaged, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable Great Yarmouth residents who talked to attending UEA staff and students. There emerged a few key clear themes from the day, and it is obvious that UEA needs to put more work into civic activity for the whole region rather than concentrating efforts on just the Norwich area.

Key Themes:

  • Sharing Knowledge and bringing UEA out into the local area (outside of Norwich).
  • Improving Diversity in our local region.
  • Community Future and taking community concern and community future into mind.

Next Steps

  • Better promotion for UEA’s outreach work so they know what’s being done currently and can suggest effective improvements.
  • UEA to hold more events like Open Space in order to listen to local community voices more and consider their views.
  • To live in a region which is proud of itself and well-connected to the university as well as each other.

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